About classical homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is a natural healing method, which relies on the self-healing ability of the body to allow recovery. Prevalent in Europe, India, Africa, North, Central, and South America, the use of homeopathy continues to increase. The evidence of the last two centuries has been clinically proven through various scientific studies.

All living organisms, humans, animals, and plants, are equipped with self-healing properties. In the case of an illness or disease, we see an interference of the internal balance. Possibly caused and influenced by our environments and lifestyles. Other influences could be hereditary, or possiblytraumas, accidents, vaccinations or other medical interventions that can disrupt our health. The goal of a homeopathic treatment is to eliminate symptoms and ill health, by spurring the self-healing ability into action.

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Homeopathic treatment spurs the body’s self-healing ability into action.

In contrast to conventional medicine, homeopathy symptoms are seen as the body’s attempt to restore its natural balance. Uncomfortable though it may be, the goal is not to mask (suppress) symptoms, but to address the true cause of the problem.
Healing occurs from the inside out, since the entire immune system is strengthened. Often, there is an immediate and noticeable change in the patient’s overall sense of vitality. The homeopathic treatment focuses on a person in his or her totality, not just the symptoms or the disease. As a result, a treatment frequently has a healing effect on someone’s whole sense of wellbeing. Sometimes, patients experience becoming “a better version” of themselves.


The homeopath always looks for a remedy that is equal to the stotalpicture because this is viewed as an expression of the “sick” patient. The expression is the “healing crisis”, you could also see it as the body’s attempt to heal. Healing and recovery can be achieved when a person gets a “push” to get out of the healing crisis, without suppressing the symptoms.