Nutrition and lifestyle

The energy restoration program:

(bringing the body back to balance and staying there is a multi-step process, the result will be: weightloss (if desired), better energy reserves and concentration.)

Where tailored nutrition, exercise, homeopathy and the right mind-set converge


  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Immune system imbalances
  • Stress
  • Self-healing mechanisms in the body


Step 1: Analysis, assessment, understanding

The program entails an individual one-on-one consultation in the clinic. This starts by filling out an extensive questionnaire before the first appointment ensuring us to have a good understanding of the current situation.

Session 1: During the first appointment (approx. 2 hours) it is extremely important to note one must come on an empty stomach (not have eating for at least 9 hours prior to the appointment) and to bring in a sealed jar of some morning urine.

After determining body weight, body fat % there will be a series of tests conducted with the purpose of understanding how a person reacts to a modified glucose challenge drink. Through these series of tests which include measuring blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, breath hold capacity, urine and saliva pH an interpretation can be made to get insight into an individual’s metabolism. When the tests have been completed a person is done and can leave the clinic and have breakfast. Important to note all first appointments are planned as of 8:30 in the morning in order for a person to not have to wait too long before having breakfast.

During the first appointment it is all about understanding the situation as a whole, assessing where somebody is at and designing a clear strategy on the course of action.

Within 1-2 days you will receive a document with an explanation on the findings from all the tests and a tailored guidance regarding your specific metabolism and optimal way to build your diet. This will contain: a detailed list of foods supporting you, suggested vitamins/minerals and a sample week meal suggestion. As part of the treatment the client will be asked to keep track of the differences in energy levels with regard to the meal by answering quick and simple questions at the end of each day. Hereby getting insight into his/her process. Monitoring the progress is essential at coming to an understanding of what is the best diet for any particular individual. There will always be a necessity to modify and change the initial diet to make it work optimally. The only way to do this is if the client himself plays an active role in this process.

Step 2: Review, adaptation, deepening, homeopathy

Session 2: During the follow-up appointment which will take place 2 weeks later the progress will be monitored and other underlying health concerns which could be affecting the healing process will be closely examined and properly targeted with the use of homeopathic medicine During the second session the type and frequency of exercise  will also be discussed and a tailored ‘easy to implement’ schedule will be added to the program.

Step 3: Sustainability

Session 3: In the third session, 1 month after session 2, there will have been a significant progress made. The client will be well into the adaption period into his/her new way of eating and necessary lifestyle changes will start to become natural. There will be another assessment made through analyzing the recorded results throughout the last period. Adaptations will be made regarding the homeopathic remedy. During this session it will be clear where and to what extent extra monitoring is needed. In accordance with the patient agreements will be made and any additional consultations will be scheduled. It is important to realize at this stage that someone is on their new course and sustainability is our primal focus.




  • Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3: €375
  • Separate homeopathic consultation: € 125
  • One follow-up session: € 90




Please take note:

  • Please note that our services could be partly reimbursed by social insurance companies, which fall under the category ‘additional alternative therapies’ depending on the type of package you have.
  • As part of the program of making nutritional adaptations often extra supplements would be required to support the process. Please take into account an additional budget for that. Also you might be asked to do some additional bloodwork with your GP in case necessary.



Any information I provide, any recommendations I make or any test or measurement I run should not be used to, nor are they intended to, nor do they in fact diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any specific health problem. Anyone with any health complaint should seek the care and consultation of an appropriate licensed health practitioner. My purposes are educational and informational only and I assume no responsibility for the correct or incorrect use of our information. Please note that some of the concepts and recommendations I give have not (yet) been scientifically proven. Certain persons considered experts may disagree with one or more of the concepts or recommendations.


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